Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals – A Riot of Colours

Extraordinary is an apt word for a tourist destination like Rajasthan. It abounds with an exciting array of attractions, which are bound to leave you spell bound. The colourful life and rich heritage of the land are all captured majestically in its architectural marvels, lip-smacking cuisine, beautiful handicrafts, colourful fairs and festivals and mesmerizing music and dance. The best way of getting to know the Rajasthani culture is by participating in its unique and colourful fairs and festivals. Some of the famous fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are:

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer comes alive with colours, dance, music and laughter during its annual Desert Festival(January/ February). Many musicians, dancers and performers from all over Rajasthan flock to Jaisalmer to be a part of its Desert Festival. Camel, the ship of the desert is the centre of attraction in this festival. Camels are decked up from head to toe in a traditional style, all looking very attractive. Camel races attract many spectators from far and wide. During the festival, the mesmerizing light and sound show on the unfathomable sand dunes on a moonlit night never fails to captivate the hearts of the visitors.

Elephant festival, Jaipur
Organised by Rajasthan Tourism, the Elephant Festival is a unique festival of Rajasthan. Celebrated with great enthusiasm on the eve f Holi in March/ April, the festival is high on entertainment quotient. Elephants, the royal creatures are decorated beautifully as they are the centre of attraction of the festival. Elephant races, elephant march and elephant polo are the wonderful events visitors can treat their eyes to. The female elephants also participate in the beauty pageant and the most beautiful female elephant bags the prize. Play Holi in a unique style by mounting the finely painted and decorated elephants.

Pushkar Fair, Pushkar
Famous the world over, Pushkar Fair is the largest cattle fair in the world. It is held in November every year attracting traders from far and wide. Several cultural activities such as dance and music performances, urban tying competition and camel races are organized during the festival. The food stalls offer a variety of delicious traditional dishes of Rajasthan.

Urs Fair, Ajmer
Reflecting unity in diversity, the Urs Fair is visited by both the Muslims and Hindus. The Fair is celebrated on the first six days of Rajab (seventh month of the Islamic calendar) at Dargah Sharif in the honour of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. It is believed that the prayers offered earnestly at the Dargah Sharif never go unanswered. All you need is absolute faith.

Also don’t forget to scan the venues of the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan for colourful and wonderful handicrafts. The venues are dotted with numerous stalls where handicrafts such as jewellery, blue pottery, miniature paintings, tie and dye fabric, leather ware, metal crafts, puppets and stone carvings are available. The beautiful dance and music performances and lip-smacking culinary delights are also a part of the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan.


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